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Efficient Home Heating Tips

It’s officially heater season in Florida! While winters in Florida are quite different from up North, there are still days where it’s too chilly to go without turning on the heat. Some homeowners dread the colder seasons because of their heating costs, but you don’t have to break the bank to stay warm.


There are a couple of preventative measures and best practices to follow to retain your home’s warmth and keep your energy bills low. Keep reading to learn more!


Schedule Seasonal Tune-Ups

It’s the golden rule of HVAC ownership: follow up with routine maintenance! Your heating and cooling system is a considerable investment that will need to be maintained to extend the lifespan of your unit and reach peak efficiency.


Remember to check your furnace filters regularly! A dirty filter can hinder the performance of your system. If your filter is clogged with dust, your unit is forced to work even harder to push warm air through.


Reverse the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan

Have your ceiling fan give your furnace an extra hand this winter season by reversing its direction. Reversing the direction of the blades forces warm air near the ceiling down into your living spaces.


Use Curtains as Additional Insulation

Put your window coverings to work this season! Your blinds and curtains can be used to insulate your windows and reduce heat loss. Double up on your curtains for additional insulation and an elevated aesthetic. The thicker the curtains, the better!


Inspect for Drafts

The best way to drive up your monthly heating bills is by ignoring drafts throughout your home! Each gap that lets the colder outdoor air inside affects your home’s internal temperature, in turn affecting your comfort levels.


Walk around your house with some caulk and weatherstripping and thoroughly inspect for gaps, cracks, or areas where air could leak in. Don’t forget to check your outlets and door thresholds for drafts as well!


Rearrange Your Furniture

Simply switching up the layout of your humble abode can help heat flow more freely throughout the home. If a couch or ottoman is blocking an air register, it can easily throw off your HVAC system. There’s no sense in heating a piece of furniture, so make sure your furnishings aren’t blocking your air vents.


After you’ve rearranged your home, it’s time to show some extra attention to your newly-visible air vents. Ensure no dust or debris has accumulated on the vent that could also be blocking airflow.


Bundle Up!

When the weather gets colder, retaining as much heat as possible in your home is critical! This means bundling up—for your home and yourself. If your home has poor insulation, the temperature your HVAC system worked so hard to reach is altered by the loss of heat through your walls. An efficient HVAC system and sufficient insulation are equally important!


If you’re reluctant to turn on the heat, try bundling up with blankets and jackets! It’s the perfect time of year to get cozy on the couch; just make sure you have your chunky sweaters and flannel throw blankets handy.


Don’t Heat an Empty Home

It’s best to have a smart programmable thermostat that monitors your daily patterns and temperature preferences for ultimate energy savings. However, if you have a traditional thermostat, it’s important to remember that heating an empty home is a waste of energy and money.


It’s essential to keep the heat on while you’re away to prevent an overworked system upon your return, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the house at 80 degrees. A good temperature range for an empty home would be 60 to 70 degrees.


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