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Popular Air Conditioner Myths Debunked

4 Common Air Conditioning Myths

Air conditioning has been around for years, and every homeowner is sure to have heard some less-than-believable myths surrounding air conditioners.

With a vast amount of information available on the internet today, it’s no surprise that some homeowners may have difficulty discerning what is true and false. That’s why we’re breaking down the most common air conditioning myths! Keep reading to bust these myths with us.

Turning the Thermostat Down Quickly Will Cool the Home Faster

We’ve all heard the saying “slow and steady wins the race,” but did you know the same applies to your home’s cooling system? One of the most common misconceptions surrounding central air is the assumption that setting the thermostat extremely low will cool the house faster. Unfortunately, this is not a viable cooling solution.

We’re here to remind you that your air conditioner works equally as hard, whether the system is adjusted by 1 or 20 degrees. If you want to change your home’s temperature effectively, it’s best to set the thermostat to your preferred temperature and let the system take it from there.

Any Sized Air Conditioner Will Work in Your Home

When you’re considering purchasing a new air conditioner for your home, you most likely research top brands with the highest efficiency ratings. However, you should consider the ideal sized air conditioner for your home.

Air conditioners are not “one size fits all.” A single-bedroom home does not require the same size unit as a mansion with five bedrooms. The necessary size of your AC is directly connected to the size of your space. If the unit is too small, it could be overworking itself to maintain your home’s ideal temperature. Too large of an air conditioner could be a significant source of energy consumption for your home.

It may seem overwhelming to select the perfect-sized air conditioner for your home by yourself. Our experienced cooling specialists can suggest a system that is tailored to your home’s specific needs and space requirements, so you’ll never have to worry about your air conditioner failing to meet your cooling standards.

You Can Place Your Thermostat Anywhere

Your thermostat is the heart of your home’s cooling system. You may assume that thermostat placement is unimportant, but think again! Your thermostat has a direct impact on your home’s energy efficiency, and if placed in an unsuitable location, you could be paying the price in spiked utility bills.

If your thermostat is placed in direct sunlight, near warm appliances, or close to an air vent, the temperature reading could be skewed, leading to inaccurate readings and a never-ending battle of trying to achieve a comfortable temperature in your home.

It’s recommended to place your thermostat on an internal wall near the center of your house. Aim to host your thermostat in a room that you frequently use, as it’s most likely the room you’ll want optimal temperature control in.

Closing Vents Will Help You Save Money

One of the most common myths surrounding air conditioning is the assumption that closing vents in empty rooms will help you conserve energy. This is not the case. In fact, closing vents can throw off your entire HVAC system’s air distribution.

Keep your home’s air vents open and unblocked by furniture to promote maximum system efficiency and effectiveness. Trust us; closing vents will do no good in terms of saving money on your monthly cooling costs.

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