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Benefits of Installing a Pool Heater

Benefits of Installing a Pool Heater

As residents of Melbourne, Florida, we all know how hot it can get. While a beach is just a short distance away, sometimes it's refreshing to stay at home and enjoy your pool instead. If you fear that your pool fun will come to an end as the summer heat begins to fade away, a pool heater may be your best investment. Find out why below:

What Are the Advantages of Getting a Pool Heater?

Extends Your Pool Season

Since the weather from November through March tends to be less-than summer warm in Florida, this may make it harder to enjoy the pool. However, when you install an electric heat pump, this greatly extends your pool season, allowing you to use the pool for exercise and family fun — even if the temperature outside is below 75 degrees.

Are Extremely Durable

Pool heaters are extremely durable; they have an average lifespan of 7-to-10 years and only require maintenance once a year. So, once it’s installed, just make sure to set a reminder to have it inspected and tuned-up by a professional annually!

Very Reliable

In addition to durability, these electric heaters are also reliable. Since these heaters aren't solar-powered, they do not depend on the amount of sunlight they receive each day to work. No matter what happens or what the weather is, you can rely on this electric heater to work regardless.

Pool Heaters in Melbourne, FL

If you're thinking about getting a pool heater, our Weather Engineers team is ready to install it. Our team is backed by 76 years of installing pool heaters for Melbourne and surrounding areas.

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