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Efficient Ways to Stay Warm on Chilly Florida Days

Whether you’ve lived in Florida for a few months or for years, you know that it’s quite the luxury to enjoy the winter months to the fullest without having to worry about snow or puffy jackets to keep you warm. However, there are certain days and nights where your tropical oasis may feel like an arctic tundra — which is something no homeowner looks forward to.

If you’re looking to keep your Florida home cozy on a breezy day, here are some tips that can help out tremendously!

Ways to Stay Warm During a Florida Winter

Wear Layers

One of the best-kept secrets to staying warm for less is to dress in layers. While it may not be wise to wear a large, puffy winter coat in Florida, you can opt to wear a long-sleeved shirt, followed by a sweatshirt to go over it. Another thing to keep in mind: consider wearing a hat and socks, since your head and feet are two parts of the body that can help regulate body temperature.

Drink Warm Beverages

Let’s face it — there’s nothing better than a nice cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea on a chilly day. And if you typically tend to enjoy these beverages when the temperature is in the low sixties, you’re in luck — they’ll help keep you warm! However, if you’re not one for caffeine, consider drinking a decaffeinated option!

Leave the Curtains Open

Here in Florida, no matter what time of the year it may be, we typically have a bright, big, beautiful helping of sunshine found around every corner. To help utilize the sun to its fullest potential, consider opening up the curtains in your home and let the rays pool in. Doing this will help heat up your home and keep it cozy for a fraction of the cost!

Stay Active

A great way to help stay warm is to keep active. Whether that entails going for a walk or lifting weights, moving around is the perfect way to help increase your body temperature! Also, working out can help boost your mood and increase your energy levels — which is always a plus!

Cook More Often

Do you like to cook? If so, that can help heat your home! Since the stove radiates heat (of course!) as it cooks your food, that excess heat has the potential to increase the temperature in your humble abode; that’s why many urge people to grill outdoors during sweltering days!

Change the Fan’s Blade Direction

No, we’re not saying to get up on a ladder and reposition the fan’s blades, but rather to flick a switch and have them spin in a clockwise direction. When your ceiling fan is moving clockwise, rather than counterclockwise, it will help snatch up any cold air that’s lingering around and push hot air downward.

Have a Smart Thermostat Installed

Do you have a programmable thermostat installed in your home? If not, you may want to consider making the switch! As it turns out, this device can help you set a heating (and cooling) schedule to help keep your living space as cozy (or cool) as can be — while helping to save energy in the process.

Additionally, this device can even be controlled remotely with your cell phone, which is ideal for the homeowner that’s always on the go!

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