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What Do You Need to Know About Your Pool Heater?

Pool Heaters are Beneficial for All Pool Owners

If you know one thing to be certain, some days are merely too cold to take a plunge into your swimming pool — even in Melbourne, Florida. However, there is a solution to the problem at hand: Having a professional pool heater installed!

While it seems pretty straightforward to use, there are a few essential tips that all new and current pool heater owners should know before using this incredible investment piece.

Tips For Pool Heater Owners

Check for Blockages

Just like you wouldn’t let your home’s central cooling system run without having a lingering problem repaired, the same applies to your pool heater. The beauty of this powerful device is that it can help heat your pool on the coldest of days. However, you’ll always want to keep a close eye on your pool heater to make sure you prevent any potential problems from occurring.

For starters, make sure the unit is completely off and cooled down. Next, inspect the heater’s burner intake ports to make sure that there are no blockages. If there are any obstructions, this can damage the unit and make it impossible for it to operate. If you’re not confident in cleaning them out on your own, play it safe and call a trusted professional to lend a helping hand.

Clean Your Pool Filter

Besides being free of any lingering blockages, it’s essential to make sure that your pool’s filter is as clean as can be. This will not only help keep the water in your swimming pool crystal clear, but it will help your pool heater work much more efficiently — since it thrives when it has the cleanest H2O possible to work with.

On average, you should tend to your pool’s filter at least once a week. Doing so will help keep it running smoothly and will give your pool heater much more room to perform up to par. However, if you notice that your pool filter needs to be repaired or replaced, make the necessary arrangements to get the job done — this can also help save you money in the long run!

Make Sure Your Pool’s Chemical Levels are Balanced

Another essential tip in the art of keeping your pool heater in optimal condition is to make sure that your pool’s chemical levels are balanced. Failure to do so can result in less-than-stellar performance and can potentially damage your heater. If you’re not sure what the correct formula should be, consider contacting a professional. They will be able to help you find the perfect balance.

Now since you know some of the basics of owning a pool heater, if you do not own one yet and are still considering the idea, here are some of the incredible benefits you can look forward to when you have one installed.

Benefits of Owning a Pool Heater

Swim in Your Pool All Year Long

In Melbourne, Florida, locals are used to beautiful weather and temperatures all year round. However, in the colder months out of the year — such as November through March — it may be a little on the chillier side to take a dip in your pool. But, with a pool heater, you’ll go for a swim whenever you’d like!

Increase the Value of Your Property

Another factor to consider is that installing a pool heater can increase the value of your property. Nowadays, potential buyers are looking to complete little-to-no work in their new home. And if you happen to have a pool that comes equipped with a pool heater, that can be a significant selling point.

It Will Stick Around for a While

Unlike other items around your home, your pool heater can live a long, prosperous life. With proper care and maintenance, a pool heater can last anywhere from 7 to 10 years — which truly makes it an incredible investment piece to own!

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