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5 Household Products that Cause Indoor Air Pollution

You may be surprised to learn how air pollution may be worse in your home than outdoors. While some causes of indoor air pollution come from predictable sources like pollen, mold, or smoke, other sources that could be hurting you and your family might shock you. Many household products release Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that often cause headaches, nausea, and other negative effects. Here are some of the harmful products you could be buying that create indoor air pollution:


Installing new carpet in your home can release many harmful VOCs, especially within the first few days. These gases can also often be released slowly over many years.


This one may sound obvious, which is why many people turn on fans and open windows when putting on a fresh coat of paint, but did you know there are low-VOC paints you can buy to help reduce the indoor air pollution after redesigning a room?

Craft Supplies:

Are you crafty? Be careful with the arts and craft supplies your family uses, and buy non-toxic products whenever possible. Reference this helpful guide for more information.

Cleaning Products:

Learn how to make your own natural cleaning products instead of buying more harmful products from the store with the help of this video.

Air Fresheners:

They may smell nice, but according to recent reports, many of these flowery and warm-smelling products may be making you and your family sick.