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Why Is My Window AC Unit Making a Loud Noise?

If you’ve ever relied on a window air conditioning unit to cool your home then you’re likely familiar with the noise the devices can produce. But if you’ve noticed your window unit is louder than usual or making an unusual noise, there may be a reason to be concerned.

Ultimately, there are many reasons why a window unit may get noisier over time. But there is a difference in subtle noise volume that increases over time versus a window unit that is noisy right out of the box. In certain cases, a sudden loud noise may indicate a catastrophic AC failure that could lead to a fire hazard. If your window air conditioner unit is making a loud noise, learn the potential culprits below.

Reasons Why Your Window AC is Making Loud Noises

  • Improper Installation - the main cause of excess window noise is improper installation. Each window unit should be installed using foam strips placed in precise locations to dampen vibration noises from being transferred to the window and walls. Additionally, extra insulation will help reduce noise and will keep the hot out and the cool in.
  • Old Window Frames - another leading cause of vibration noises associated with noisy window units are old window frames. Consider replacing old windows if the noise is bothersome.
  • High-Output Window Air Conditioners - these units have high output fans that blast out many cubic feet of air each minute. Buzzing sounds that are periodic are likely the compressor cycling on and off. Noises that sound like fan blades hitting something are precisely that. It can be debris, insects, rodents or an internal part failure that is causing the blower wheel to hit something. Immediately shut off and unplug window AC units that begin to make sudden unfamiliar noises.

Normal Operating Noise of a Window Unit

All window units produce some noise, but the average window unit is likely to be around 50 decibels. This is generally in the same range as other normal noises around your house. For example, a vacuum operates at around 70 decibels, while the loud crying of a baby can be as high as 110 decibels. Ultimately, while some noise will be normal, use your best judgment if you believe something may be wrong with your window unit.

Upgrade Your Home Comfort System Today

If you rely on window units to keep cool, you can avoid annoying noises and improve the overall comfort of your home by upgrading to a more sophisticated system. At WEATHER ENGINEERS, located in Brevard County, Florida, we offer a variety of products and services that are designed to keep you comfortable year-round without putting a dent in your wallet.

If you’re considering upgrading your home’s AC system but aren’t sure where to start, give the Weather Engineers a call at (321) 727-2542 today or schedule an appointment online.

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